I have good news for you guys


Some of you may recall my story.

My Filipina LDR girlfriend and I have been trying to be pure, and saving sex till marriage.

We’ve seen each other without clothes on the cam on several occasions and I will be meeting her in real life very soon.

So far we are on day 3 together since we’ve cammed with each other!!! That is a BIG accomplishment for the both of us! We have been tempted on several occasions but we left it at talk and never did anything with it. We are praying more. We are being productive more. We are trying to improve ourselves more.

On top of that, I found a job on the career I want :slight_smile: before I even graduated!!!

When I marry this beautiful woman, we are going to have so much sex with each other and we will be very connected with each other. Until then, we wilwill hold hands, hug, kiss, and play with each other but nothing sexual :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to meeting her soon.

Hoping to overcome this monster of masturbation and sexual immorality forever!!!


Congratulations @IAmAMan you are indeed a man, a man who respect women and is looking for a bright future. God bless you dude you made my day just by telling your success story :blush::+1::heart:


Thanks dude :slight_smile: courage to you my friends as you battle this monster.


This is so beautiful, those who stay pure together stay strong together, and the connection between you guys will always be so real because together you a growing appreciation for each other and the curiosity of each other grows as well. Wow beautiful and encouraging. A main goal of mine is to save my self till marriage and so far so good. So thanks for sharing this


Glad for you my brother keep it up


Real relationship goals! :smile: