I have developed some fetishes and I want to get rid of them

I am an addict and used to watch porn for long hours and reached a point where normal videos does satisfy me and stumbled upon some fetishes which I seriously wnat get rid of from my brain.
I know completed 1 week of nofap.

I know completed 1 week on this app.


Hello there,
Its Okay my brother just hold your ground and stay strong , fetishes will go away but they take over 100+ days once your brain fully rewires itself.

So keep yourself busy, motivated and most of all determined.

Good luck.


@kolo, while fetishism is unnatural, we sometimes develop this bad habit of getting addicted to it.

I am a married man but I developed PMO addiction. When normal porn did not satisfy me, I went for fetish porn including beastality, master-slave, shoe porn etc. Canyou believe it!!!

I have been clean for 15 days now and i am seeing immense benefits already. Both physically and mentally.

I am open in calling out my dark secrets because I know they will not haunt me going forward. I truly believe in myself that I will not let them haunt me.

Be positive. Use techniques like affirmations and visualizations to achieve your goals and be the best version of you.

We all are sinners mate. Lets atone for it by killing the demon inside us so that only good prevails.

Stay stong brother!!!



100 days is nothing but a warm up.


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