I have an urge! help me!

How can I do?
The urge also unleashes tribulations and fear in me.

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey

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Please don’t visit to porn sites because if you will visit it you surely gonna mastubrate and after that you gonna feel guilty and fap cloud effects🙄 it takes hours to days to weeks to wear off its effect (at least in my case i have been in similar situations).

Fap cloud effects range from headace, dizziness, lack of concentration, heavy feeling, bad mood etc. Your body is fighting brother keep fighting don’t stop in hell.

Focus on something productive like working out in home, reading free self development books, building new businesses or gaining and mastering a high income skill try distracting your mind to something else other than porn as i did. I believe in you brother.

When you feel urges try doing 20 pushups or listen to your favourite song :grin::wink::wink:

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I haven’t watched porn since January but it is the imagination that is strong, particularly triggered by women on the street, from whom I also tried to look away yesterday.

You can overcome it✊

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