I have a weird dream

This morning i woke up around 5 am.

I was awake for a while and then went back to sleep.

While I slept, I had a dream. I was working and as I was helping a customer, a cute blonde girl stood nearby. In the dream, I told the customer where to go to best find his product and that I would meet him there in a moment or 2.

Then I asked the cute girl out and wrote my name and number down. Again this is a dream.

Lastly as I finished talking to here I ejaculated 4 times and ran to a bathroom. Then i checked myself out and then peed.

After that I washed up and attended to the customer who then had 3 other associates helping him.

Then I woke up and in real life, stuff came out of me but it smells like urine and not semen.

And I had a dream that my mom published a book I hadn’t finished editing yet. Dreams are weird :rofl:

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All normal just ignore them