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Hi, I am still allowed to have sex with my girlfriend or does that interfear with the process of becoming clean?

If you are on hardmode, no sex. Else, you can have sex.

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If you are an addict and hasnt achieved a Reboot yet then i say No Sex.

Thanks for the reply.
What would you define as a adict and how long without sex would you recommend for a reboot?

¤ An addict( in nofap )
is a person who has a habit of pleasuring(orgasm/edge) himself/herself.
He can not go on for long time without taking that dopamine hit of pleasure.

:black_small_square:A Reboot in NoFap
Is Revival of body, mind and soul through abstainence from pleasure for a period of time.
The period of time to achieve a Reboot varies from person to person on basis of the Time & Strength of the Habit.
Example : a person who is addicted for 10 years may take more time to heal compared to a person who is only addicted for 2 years.

:studio_microphone: Generaly, in Nofap communities Reboot period is of 90 Days.

I was addicted for 11 years and i am trying to achieve a Reboot.
I am into NoFap for past 1 and half year but still not achieved those 90 days but i have managed to do a couple of 30 days during this time.

• From my experience till now, Brain Waves gets normal within 2 to 3 weeks of abstainance from orgasm but the healing of body and brain goes on and on. Its a long process.
So one must have patience and continue on this journey.

I think for an addict like me it would take 2 complete years to REBOOT.

Currently i am on 21 days streak.
I am also writing a diary to record my everyday experiences and benefits.
It may provide you with some hint about it.

Thanks for asking :blush:

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Everyone’s case is different so it is really up to you to decide the reason you are doing this. Lots of people just want to quit porn and would love to have a partner so they could have a healthy sex life. If you do decide to cut out sex you will of course need to make that decision with your partner, taking sex out of a relationship with out a good reason can be very damaging, imo I wouldn’t recommend it. But I don’t know your situation, our opinions ultimately don’t matter, it will come done to what you and your partner want and need.