I have a question for experienced people on this app, can you answer it

Hii i am 18 year old , gender --male
i have one question how many of you are more than one year on this app ?how no fap impact your life ?? what are good things are happen after starting no fap
anybody can give the answer of question who have completed one year or more than one year ( current streak doesn’t matter )
I ask this question only to know experinces of different people on no fap and no porn
please tell me your experiences which can help in my journey also :blush:
thank you .

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When we will be able to see the benefits?


Good questions… Well i will be having my anniversary on this app in 2 months.

Well this year was awesome getting 2 (100 days)
Day streaks this year. Well for porn still porn free this year!

I must say benefits of this journey is big. At first it is all horney and terrible feeling but if you pass a week man I must say my energy levels pop through the roof.

Eventhough I have experienced mood swings, but it has taught me to control me in a better way. Find better solutions for problems. Taught me to fight harder for the things I want and work for it. In my latest relapse well I could truely say I healed better in a sexual way. Better erections and it was much more enjoyable and also the quality and the quantity at climax was the best I ever had.

For me on porn well I could feel better on my devices. Not constantly having to check my history on hiding porn not feeling nervous if someone checked my phone. Gives me great peace of mind. Also in a way making my phone a tool to use and learn stuff rather than fumbling around on it whole day doing useless stuff and be fantisizing of that girl I saw early on my phone.

In a way I also feel free and have more time to spend on exercise or family as where I’d usaully plan to just go to bed and enjoy porn and fap like mad or just go to the bathroom for it.

This app helped me alot since when I did it alone I kinda only managed a week maybe a month tops. I did reach it thanks to the tips and applying most of them.

Hope this helps I will write more but sadly have to go. Good luck and stay strong and awesome !


thank you so much brother for sharing your great journey and benifits from no fap :blush::blush:.
i am also on 105 days streak . i never watch porn
this app changes our lives . all the best for your no fap journey :+1::+1:
I wish you complete 1000 days of no fap and achieve great things in life​:smile::smile:


I noticed that guys in higher streaks are more happy. It motivates me


Thanks for the awesome wish for me @SAMURAI!! :muscle:t2: I wish it for you as well!

As I mentioned I wanna say a little bit more.

Well one thing I do notice is working out never felt this good. Yeah I worked out in the past and yeah sure guys will look good and stuff, but not feel as satisfied. I have done my workout late last night and the pump of that exercise was masive. Not going hulk, but I felt big like one of those roid guys. Also I can say I feel sexy for myself.

Don’t have to flex for the camera for someone’s approval or comment to feel good, but I just checked myself out and truely felt sexy about myself .

This is a awesome feeling to feel the workout and see it in a different way and not just workout finish and then just be tired afterwards. (Eventhough I was tired , but I felt sexy and happy over my own body).

Yeah I know sounds like I have a big ego ( not saying that nofap gave me a big ego. I ain’t like that, but I can say it definitively increase confidence and if I even feel sexy about myself what would the ladies think? )

So yeah that was the last meduim mention I wanted to add. @SAMURAI , I also wish you great successes with all you do bro and I wish you all the best for you and you nofap journey!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome