I have a lot doubts

Idk what’s going on my mind… Is getting harder and harder to keep the steak going… I had a big urge like three days ago… and overcame it, then had a little bit of flatline period where I felt very disappointed the next day.
Ofc I’ve been doing other activities, exercise, focusing on my collage, general improvement, have investigated how to improve overall and been looking forward to implement that on my life, even I’ve been applying the wimhof method and some meditation…
But anyways the hard urges come and keep coming, this week has been harder cause they are consistent, my limbic system or inner mind is constantly looking for any weakness I’ve come to have to make me relapse… and I keep on denying, over and over. Even that has affected my work and life outside of NoFap, and I’ve been become more anxious, this is ridiculous!!
I am more unsecure and unconfident now… My head hurts for all the stress caused by this shitt and I’ve been falling behind on my projects.
If anyone has any advice it’d be great!!!

  • How long have you been trying nofap?
    Since two years ago
  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?
    Only posts and short messages from this app
  • What is the problem you need help with?
  • In which situations does the problem occur?
    Social environments
  • What did you already try?
    I just bought a medicine prescription for anxiety
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During lockdown

Yes it’s changed now i don’t consider dirty videos normal and wasting my fluid as a normal thing

Very long list just the highlight- free myself from this habit/addiction

Talking with girls, unnecessary thoughts watching random girls from different media these are some of those

I tried will power, urge resistance, making companion like that stuff

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Just repeat one name “Jesus” everytime. Some time count with your breath like Jesus with breath in and numbers (1,2…) with breath out. Chanting Lords name is a great medicine in itself.Believe in this name without any doubt. This will help you to have calm mind.