I have a dought so all of you guys please solve a dought in my mind

Guys i have a dought in my mind that…

Is doing kegel exercise healthy ??

This dought aroused in my mind because i saw a vidio on youtube that told not to do kegel because it will tight up your pelivic muscles and you will find great problem in ejaculating .

As you all guys know by working out our muscles gets tight so will the same will happen to our pelvic muscles if we do kegel ??

Guys please solve this dought in my mind

And tell me whether i should do kegel or not ??

Dude, I honestly don’t think it would hurt to do that. Now, the question I ask myself when reading your message is, why do you want to do Kegel? Aren’t we supposed to give up masturbation? I respectfully advise you friend not to believe everything they say on the networks, I do not think it hurts

Amigo, honestamente no creo que haga daño hacerlo. Ahora, la pregunta que me hago al leer tu mensaje es ¿Para que quieres hacer Kegel? ¿No se supone que queremos abandonar la masturbación? Te aconsejo amigo respetuosamente que no te creas todo lo que dicen en las redes, no creo que haga daño

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