I Hate those people who says

I was reading a post on this message board and one person was very disappointed with his life blaming his life for everything.

He had written that I am shit, I am not perfect, I ejaculate daily and this addiction is becoming worse day by day. My life is getting spoiled at every moment. I don’t want to live this shitty life - i am totally a shit.

He was just like injecting the negative beliefs in his mind and his mind start accepting all the thought. If you are in the same condition or addiction then it is normal and be solution oriented not problem oriented.

I always say to everyone - Addiction is state of mind that you can get rid of with the change in your thoughts and inserting the positive information in your subconscious mind.


He’s on a specific severe mental state that’s why he’s saying like that. Once he gets back to healthy mental state he will become normal


Bro. Its very nice to say all these superficial motivational lines. But here people are facing serious issues from PMO, depression and other mental conditions. Kindly dont push your own disregard for others. I feel you should have atleast a bit sympathy for people here. If you can’t do even that bit, stop invalidating peoples struggles.

Best wishes.


Please dont use Rewire Companion to self-advertise. There are a lot of other social media platforms that allow it that you can use.

This is your first warning.