I hate my stupid height

I am depressed anxious angry and really sad
It just irritates me so hard that i am 166 cm tall
It actually disgusts me …i feel like it is a disease.
Everyone laughs at your height,makes fun of you about it , i am 15 cm away from my countries average male height and i feel insecure…cos women like tall man more , bigger people have every advantage in fighting and i am training it , it irritates me when i trained more than some people and they can get to my level just cos they are bigger than me , i have to buy stupid clothes on children section and feel embarrassed that i am a grown man buying there… and every time i buy there i try to act like i am not …smaller people get less recpect…in the gym class i would have always been picked last on volleyball and basketball cos i am small .
From all people people that i know i had to had this moronic luck to be a midget.
Any advice for this poor midget

I’d recommend this along with stretching and exercises

I’m in the similar range. It won’t make you 6 feet or so (I don’t think anyone in the world can) but it will give you some 2-3 inches (depending on the age)


Did u try this lol and what is your age…i mean i dont believe i can grow with this however i will try it

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I’m 24
It’s on you to try. I won’t be proving anything to anybody now.


Learn to be tall on the inside first.


I mean did it help you if you did ?

I think it helped me a little.


How many cm if i may ask

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around 3-4 cm it helped me.


Thats actually great …how old were you when u were doing it

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Bruh that’s not that short lol. At least not in America anyways. I’m only 10.16 cm taller than you. Why should you care so much what people think of your height? It doesn’t matter in the end game. What matters is what is inside like @Ash_Matt said. Btw I used google to calculate that number so I could be wrong.

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I was 23 when I started it. Used to be my routine. Intense exercise followed by this. Every morning and evening. But something happened and then I stopped exercising and this too


Oh so there is hope for me haha thx

For how long were you practising it

In croatia it is 180cm and everyone i mean my friends literally 2 heads taller than me lel

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It takes months. I did for 3 months I think. I’ll be starting again now


I mean the problem is i am irritated really much cos tsll people like have almost every advantage from sports to girls to everything else…if i was taller ik i would feel 10 times more secure amd better than i feel now

You wont.
Your identity doesn’t come from your height. Youre blaming your height for things you can change yourself. You dont need height to be secure and feel better. You just need to accept yourself.

At the same time, dont forget to sleep more, besides height exercises. They help. Also play a sport like basketball if possible. Thats what helped me shoot up in height around 8th grade


Well, Messi is short , I assume he’s good at sports
Maybe a little bit at football

As @ChristianMan said , he’s just 10-16 cm taller
I’ll be kinder, I’m just 4cm taller

In Israel/Palestine that’s the average

You’re not short

And it really doesn’t matter bro cheer up


Man some people will always try to find something to poke you and make u feel insecure.
Even if im tall im skinny so u know people will look at that part now. Don’t stress too much about it