I Had a Nightfall

Does Having A Nightfall You Lost All Your Gains Pls Answer Im On Day 25


No that’s not true. It is not a relapse. But to minimize it watch this video.



Brother ,
Night fall is not relapsing. The amount of semen lost in night fall is much lesser than when masturbating. So ideally you are still good to go.
The main reason for night fall is when you think or see sexual images or scenes when you are on nofap.
Not only porn, even a hot instagram post could trigger you. So better unfollow the hot models on instagram or try reduce time in social media where you are exposed to hot content.


Thanku I Have Tried It Is Effective

Will Do This Thanku Sir

Congo, it means your nofap is being successfull. And that is what you want, to let your body to do its natural things, nightfall is a normal natural thing, let it happen…

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