I guess that's will be my new chapter

I want to discuss about my last night I push myself to sleep early , but I wake up at 2 am , I was feeling this urge I don’t know what’s the best thing should I do , I know that I don’t touch , this my decision

If I go to clean my penis it will be a habbit but I don’t want to , if I move on next time maybe I will not move and I will relapse
So I find that my stability will improve by reading ( on my bed , breathing ) it’s good
This pain calm slowly when I desided to read my story , I try to close my eyes but without sleeping so I suggest to talk God , than I feel better , a real power I don’t know from where it came to me … smiling … clean deleted photos .
I pray … how wonderfull peacefully I found for this action …
I wake up at 5 am it’s a difference :sweat_smile::joy: I hope to stay strong and wake at this time
I practice my language And I will move to my workout after I finish my words here .

Thank God

I hope that this words can make a bit of difference for any one loss his hope
Hope always there , shut up the noisy brain , just interrupt your bad habbit … like this :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: :joy:

Thank you for appreciation .
I will stay strong .