I get extremely tired or working out

not particularly pmo topic)

Just little discussion, anyone dealt with such things

I started working out 4 months ago,
But my whole life i was into cardio, running long hours, karate, and I did exercise a bit I would do push ups pull ups(with rubber band) that’s all.

Now since I started working out, I dropped dead after working out, either vomit, or can’t drive for an hour after working out, I would just park on the side until I feel better.

My body is rejecting food, I don’t eat much, but I feel more tired after eating, my body acts as if I was poisoned.

I’m going easy with wieghts,
Idk why this happens when I used to run alot I didn’t have a problem with that, but with wieghts not doing well

One more question, when I relapse even once a day, I feel exhausted for the next 2 days, like can’t catch my breath after doing 5 squats.


You should consult a doctor about this. Most of us here aren’t experts on this. Find someone who might know what it is.


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