I find a practical way to tackle this addiction

We all know to get a goal you need to break it in small tasks. And we all know a concept of 2min rule. If you don’t know about this then don’t worry I explain that- To start a habit is a very big obstacle in your life, if you start a habit then completing the task is no big deal but to start the task is the big challenge, so the solution is 2min rule… lets discuss this with a example:-
If you want to finish a book then set 2min in your phone and start reading 2-3 lines or upto 2min only… this will force you to complete that task. Make any task easier withing 2min, if you want to start exercising then just start jogging or do some jumping jacks for only 2mins then you will see on certain time that you build a habit.

Then we can use this concept for get rid of this addiction. Just set in your phone 1hour/2/3/4etc any hour and start doing your work and if you relapsed in that time period then just note that time in your dairy or anything how much time you resist yourself. Then set another timer and start any work… start a journal and keep your record in writings that how many times you resist yourself… now you may say that this app is doing this… this is the main problem we all depend on this but if you physically doing your journal then you can measure your time and anything that measures we can get control on it.

For example I write on my dairy like this

Day 1:-
6 hours no porn and masturbation (recent time - 6 hours later)
Now if I done my job I “√” on it and if not then “X” mark on it and start again…

If your addiction is very big then just set small time bro…like 30 mins or 10 mins… if it is hard for you then just set 2min… resist yourself for only 2min. And simultaneously you can build a habit with 2min rule also.


Hi Sujay , Long time no see.

You are right, Currently I am following the things you said above these days , and it made my job easier. I agree with you.

Thank you so much coz I was also looking for some more guidance associated with it.

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Hi, actually I am busy with my studies and I spent more time on this app, this situation effect on my studies that’s why I uninstalled it. But I am following this rule to get rid of my addiction thats why i think to help or share my thoughts with others

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Cool man. Hope everything’s great these days.

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