I feel very sad on remembering it

yesterday when I went to bed suddenly my brain started to remember videos and stories of fetishes that I watched and read and my urge to fap taking over but I fight it and went to sleep exhausted it was a tough fight for 30- 45 mins now I feel very bad about and I also check for night fall but I didn’t see any sign of it . Another thing noticed was that I was rock hard which I generally don’t on seeing real women​:cry::cry:. It appears that my healing process going to take very long time. I didn’t fap but horrified and depressed if I did that and not remembering it which I know is baseless.


It’s ok man , every habit and addiction takes time to wear off , and it’s really good that you won the fight and didn’t fap , the road might seem long but you’ll reach there man , Never give up : https://youtu.be/KxGRhd_iWuE .


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


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