I feel no guilt or motivation

  • How long have you been trying nofap? A few years maybe 2…
  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem? Not really…
  • What is the problem you need help with? I’m feeling demotivated and feel no guilt anymore…
  • In which situations does the problem occur? All the time really…
  • What did you already try? I’m watching tons of porn recovery videos and taking notes

What has anyone done to conquer this if you’ve been here? I used to feel so bad when I relapsed now I feel nothing…


I used to get this a lot and then I would look forward to relapsing… Bad times. But I totally get where you’re at.
I overcame that mindset by asking myself these questions:
Is this really what I want to be dealing with by the end of college?
Do I want my roommates to catch me and do I want to explain that to them? Do I want to lose my friends because they’ll think I’m a pervert?
Do I want to ruin the excitement of getting married by doing everything myself?
Isn’t a life without MO better than with?
If I can’t control myself now, what makes me think I will in the future?
You should ask yourself that and you’ll build up the willpower to fight it once you have the answers and motivation.


Well question you got a mentor or teacher IRL? As I said when the student ready the teacher arrives. Very true, mines showed up this week. Do not neglect your spiritual work.

God uses whomever he wants, his WILL is your but your WILL isn"t his. Think about i

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


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