I feel like shit

Dear brothers and sisters. First of all I would like to tell you my story. I started masturbation at a very early age, I was about 8 years old…and the big problem is that I started to use hardcore porn a very early age too. No I have PIED. That is a horrible thing cuz you know…I’m really good looking guy to be honest. And I can’t live a healthy sexlife, cuz my fucking dick doesn’t works with real life women. I’m 21 and still a virgin because of that. I’m on day 15 and I have the worst urges ever, and the sad thing is, that I don’t crave for sex… I crave for fucking porn. And under porn I mean weird porn. Please give me advices how to fight these urges and share your experiences. I would really appreciate it.



Each time you feel the urge to watch porn or to take your dick in your hand… Remember you why you are here: fuck this shit of PIED!

Do you really wish to remain all your life unable to penetrate a woman correctly?

Observe your thoughts. When the urges are not for real women these are not real urges so quit that kind of thinking.

I think you have to start to change things for the better. Like one thing that really prevented me from going too extreme was noticing how mundane things in reality were. I think it should help in your case.

Eg. If you watch say two furries engaged in sexual activity, you will associate that category with porn unless you make other synaptic connections. What you can do is watch videos of the most boring things that the furries could possibly do/talk about. So it kind of kills the to watch them do anything. And do it until you associate them with all those boring things.

Go for the overkill. Remember why we are told not to hear favourite songs on loop? Because it kills the desire to listen to that song. Watch furry videos doing boring things day in day out. Pretty soon you will not want to watch anything with them. I think this will work.