I failed to build new habits,

Hello all

I failed to build new habits.
I see there is 2 main reasons for that.

I feel like life is going by faster every single day, I feel like I have no time.so I take more than what I can handle, >> stressed me out, and that knock me down. I put myself in situations where I feel like, I got alot to do, and very little time to do it.

Second thing. I think we forget the reason why we’re doing something. The reason is the inspiration. The inner drive. Without it it’s hard to keep going.

Let work and university aside.
I should build a habit for myself. a progress that I see as valuable. Something I really care about.
For myself I chose piano, just one habit for now. The goal to be be able to commit to one our of practice, daily.

That doesn’t include the hours I should practice for university or work.

I think building habit is quite difficult. first habit is the hardest. Next one would be a bit easier…

My no fap journey isn’t going well. Building habits is one move to deal with this. I shouldn’t give much weight to what people think of me, or for that I can be alone cause I’m different. Should be happy by myself. I need to be better to help my family. If I’m not strong I can’t really help them. Also should keep a filter in my head, I shouldn’t take more than what I can handle, overload the system.


Do not be discouraged, it is a gradual process, you will come out clean.

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