I failed No Nut November

I know in order to succeed at No Nut November you need to avoid PMO all month long.

I relapsed 12 times and it my be 13 on Wednesday if I cannot make it past the urge.

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It’s okay. Join the Distroy dick December.

Never heard of that one.

I wanna die :cry: :sob:
I’ve become a total jeffrey

No man, don’t say that.

I know you’re feeling.

I have been suffering from this since February 2020.

Many times I wished it all to end, yet I’m still here.

I’m still failing but I am alive.

Remember, what we are going through is still better than eternal pain.

I don’t know your background or if you are Christian or not.

But I am a Christian and I want you to look towards God and Jesus and see if you feel any different afterwards.

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Get some screen porn blockers on your devices and have a friend set the password one you do not know to give you a boost of support

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Hi bro everyone of us here have expirenced what you are going through but we are still standing, please don’t give up start your journey again and as many times as it takes

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N’a bro DDD is Defend Denceny December
Let’s all defend our decency
See you guy at the finish line

Stay safe and stay focused

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