I failed, I suck as a person

I feel crappy. Awful. But this was the longest I’ve ever gone with avoiding PMO. It sucks I relapsed, but oddly enough, I felt more guilty than ever doing PMO just a few minutes ago. I actually feel guilty more than usual. Let’s hope and pray I will do better this time around. Let’s try this again.


You don’t suck as a person. If this was your personal best, you freaking rock man! Especially if you get up and try again afterwards!
All the best in beating that last Streak and get even better :slight_smile:


38 was the highest so far. Hopefully I reach that sweet 90 one day…


Good job man,

I edged a lot sometimes… But didn’t masturbated… Even by being excited a lot.

Remember that whatever you see you can still choose to not masturbate.

Go friend, go.


Congratulations and commiserations. You are a fantastic person, not because of what you achieve, but because you try and try again. No one who gives up porn without relapsing can really be called an addict. For most of us, we’ll be hitting that reset button many, many times before we break free.

For me, it’s only a failure if you don’t learn anything from it.

Try not to beat yourself up. The negative thinking about yourself after a relapse actually reinforces the behaviour, rather than stopping it. If being hard on yourself helped in any way at all, none of us would need this forum, me least of all.


You don’t suck as a person.

Every single day without pmo is a victory!


Just keep walking , everything will pass , every day a victory , if fall get up , keep calm , 38 days clean is a great victory


I agree just keep on fighting I believe it’s worth it