I failed again..... FUCK

Once again i failed, i couldn’t fight the urges. I just go straight to the bathroom and fapped, fantastic. Two weeks of hardwork, GONE. i feel like trash. If you have some suggestions, please.

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Your next attempt should be much more serious bro… I tell myself everytime I get an urge… Why I started this, why there is a need for me to resist the urge. Because I want to get better and that feeling should be strong, that you want things to change… motivate yourself even more than before…
Be strong.you can do it :muscle:

You could take a piece of paper and write on it " you always have a choice". Then put it where you will see it everyday. Whenever the urges become unbearable, just remind your self that you always have a choice and then go do something you always found to be interesting.
Ps :it’ll take a lot of practice to get this right, maybe you won’t be successful after the first try but with time, you can master it :blush:

You are not alone. I also did this yesterday. Today i am getting urges. But I kill them straight away. This will happen till we become disciplined, have self control and many more alpha male characteristics.

Urges is natural bro.without urges there no life.
The problem is we find porn like a door to enter to it . and this is the fault we all deserve great life with a woman. So when you dont have a relationship use this energy to do something. The great thing is we can take control.
Dont be sad rise up and start again because if you dont this you will be weak. You are with us with the strongest familly so keep in the line bro​:v::v::v::v: