I failed #20 day

Guys, I’m looking through this topic for help, because I failed… I’m a beginner here on rewire, I had a 20-day streak, and then I started watching Instagram and an uncontrollable urge came, like a devil…

Could someone give me tips, am I not properly channeling this energy?

In these 20 days things worked out, I had increased strength in the gym, increased willpower, willingness, mental clarity and an absurd increase in productivity after the tenth day


Some people might suggest you completely avoid Instagram and other stuff, but I think everything depends of how and what is the purpose that you’re using it. I recommend that you never go on this apps when you’re looking for small pleasures like “good dopamine” that it might give us. Be careful with possible triggers, it might be in any other app but on Instagram things are worst.

Good that you’re realizing the benefits, keep struggling and giving your best!

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I have two tips.

The first one is:
Its not about whether you fail, but whether you get up and keep fighting again. Remember that you are fighting an addiction- its not easy. That doesn’t mean a relapse is okay, but it does mean that you aren’t perfect. And none of us are perfect. 20 days is a great start! Think of how much you learned and improved during that time. That is how much better you are now and going forward.

The other thing is, you answered your own question:

I don’t think its all about channeling your energy. Sometimes you just have to avoid things. Maybe forever. If you don’t want that uncontrollable urge to come like a devil, you need to close off Hell, AND all the roads leading to it.

Like I said, 20 days is great. Learn from what happened and keep going :+1:

I just read what @josebr said

And that is exactly what I suggested :sweat_smile:
I don’t have any social media accounts, so its easy for me to say “get rid of it” without remembering any of the potential benefits. So for your situation I think @josebr gave the better advice.

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One of the things I started to do on Instagram was just immediately block every account that was posting inappropriate content, including if it was from people that I know IRL.

Without lingering on the picture for a second… just click to the responsible account and hit ‘block.’ You can even do this with the advertisements.

A few times, when I found myself in a whole string of inappropriate content, I spend 10+ minutes just blocking all these fitness accounts with scantily clad women, laughing and thinking, “Good riddance!”

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