I edged last night but I feel nothing

I do that for 5-10 seconds and feel pleasure but I don’t lose the benefits. I still feel energetic afterwards despite the pleasure of edging. Is this a relapse?

How often do you do this?

Just yesterday and the day before yesterday for a few seconds.

Its not relapse then but i think you are making this harder to quit addiction at all


You have taken first step towards a Relapse.
You better take your step back.
What about dopamine fucking. Dude edging is bad for rewiring of brain.


That’s how I relapsed, i started thinking that I am invincible and didn’t pay heed to people’s advice, as I thought that I might be stronger them all. There comes a moment when the train just becomes unstoppable and after a few moments all there is left is regret and guilt.

Most importantly if you are edging then you are still responding to those triggering events and not doing anything to avoid them. It affects the healing process bro, refrain from it.


Yeah. But sometimes the urge is just irresistable when suddenly a good looking girl pop up in youtube and I just subconsciously play myself, but then I realize what it will lead me and finally stop.

If its a trigger to you, then best I feel is stay away from triggering media “temporarily” and in that mean time, re-rewire your brain as to how it should perceive the world.

Porn has wired the brain into thinking any person real/virtual that looks good is a sexual object. Once you are on your Rewire journey to stay away from PMO, besides stopping PMO, re-condition your brain and other senses to their normal pre-addictive state.