I edged for 20 mins without p0rn/images

Shall I cum now? I feel ok but a bit stressed.

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Why you edged ? If you edged for ejaculation then do it. And if not done for ejaculation then don’t do it.

ASK Yourself. :pray:

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Not for ejaculation. Only for sensations.

You have already done the damage by edging …


I know. But can I move on and not cum?

I m such a loser without will power.

In my opinion, yes, you can just move on. It might make your balls hurt but you will be fine. I’m not a doctor though, thats just my opinion.

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First, it is important to recognize that you are not a loser. You are a person who lost. Whether you become a loser or a winner depends not on if you fail,
but on whether you get up and try again.

In alcoholics anonymous, a program for quitting alcohol addiction, the first step is to admit that you are powerless over your addiction.

Its okay that you don’t have any willpower. Will power won’t get you through this anyways.
Get up, brush off the dust from your fall, and try again. Recognize why you gave on before, and take precautions against it.

Willpower will help, but your real strength will come from things like exercise, cold showers, meditation, prayer, friends, work, turning screens off, reading good books etc.

You can do this!


Relieve you feelings either by moving on or by mas… But don’t play directly or indirectly edging/p.rn clips in your head(thinking about it in your mind)
Else it will make you confused and Agitated without any purpose . This middle state is too bad to handle.

In ancient India there was a Quote that "do not stop the urge to pee/poo or Kama(forceful urge to mastu…)
So it’s better to intentionally avoid such things (p.rn/edging) so urges can’t come in first place

For more information ask @JonSnow001 . He is much knowledgeable man

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey

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Took a cold shower but I still feel very horny. What should I do? An ejaculation would drain me so much because I suffer from Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome and im very weak after it and anxious and fogged

Feeling horny is different from having blue balls… If you are feeling horny, then why are you paying so much attention to it. Do anything that helps you focus on something normal.


If it was that easy. It destroy me the thought i have to have a completely sexless life due to my condition.

Stay strong brother… Ok lets play a game… U ready??

What game are you talking about???

Just trying to motivate bro… I didnt know much about your condition. I am very sorry that you have that. Is there a cure? Did you visit any doc?

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No cure available yet. Just abstinence unfortunately.

Ok lets not waste our precious time…u know when we don’t wanna think about a particular subject… Usually (porn etc). We tend to think about it more often… We want to stop it… But it gets more challenging to stop that thinking process so.for example I say don’t think about elephant first image that pops up in your mind is an elephant and when you say to yourself that…stop thinking about porn and mstbtn u will think about it only…What’s the solution🤔… This is going to be tough But u have got this… Distract yourself do anything… Talk to somebody or as fellow @JonSnow001 said… Exercise it off… Cause that will make u tired :sleepy:… Eventually u might succeed… I believe in you​:+1:

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