I edged for 10 -15 mins without p0rn. Shall I relapse?

I have blue balls and it hurts so much. What should I do?

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Doing won’t make it un blue… So quit it


Ok. But how can I relieve this pain? I feel also very tensed

Workout a bit, like stretching for proper blood flow in that area… Squats, lunges, some jogging and running will help… Put some ice pack there too…taking cold shower will help.

You have to be so careful about edging for this reason. It should literally be hands off… You also have to be much more serious on quitting PMO.


I relapsed like an idiot :frowning:

Relapses are always tough.

Identify why you relapsed, and what to do differently moving forward. I also suggest making some specific, even written, goals about what you want to accomplish. Decide what you will or will not do, and why. That will help you avoid these situations in the future.

Most importantly, remember this.

You can do this!

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