I dont want to live like this

I dont want to live like this

My problems in life are so much that i dont like anything in this world

I want freedom from life

I am tired

I dont like happines or sadness

I want to gain mukthi

Today i relapsed after 18 days

I dont want to burn in the fire of sexual desires

This mother fucking life i dont like

May be i am mad

People say i need sycologist

I have already suffered too much dipression from 8 years

I dont want to live like this

I want God to have mercy upon me

I want God to help me

Can anybody tell me what should i do ??


Just breath and relax there is no person on this planet that has a problem free life

Life will always have problems
Happiness is solving those problems and life will keep on putting more problems that’s how life currently is all about so change your mindset first of thinking that there is a life with sunshine and rainbows problems will always will be there you just have to keep solving them

Currently if you want take a break from your daily schedule that might help and start with a fresh and different mindset that you have to solve all your issue not at once take one thing at a time and relax this will take time and patience but don’t worry even if all your problems can’t be solved just the fact your working towards solving them will make you feel better try to keep your mind and body in best shape that helps a lot and pray for guidance from above take care brother

Relax and breath


You know what … specially i am frustated of this semen retention

If i do semen retention then i dont feel good

And i also never liked to do pmo

I have so many other problems in life

You know today i relapsed while thinking how long i have to suffer like this

What is happening with me

Its enong mother fuccking enough

How long i will have to suffer this

I want to crack a huge exam

But what the mother fuccking huge exam i will crack

I want to beat my self

I want to give hard punches on my face unit every thing breaks like my nose and ears and my brain

I dont know what the mother fuccking sin i have done in my life that life is troubling me like this

I dont know how much i have to cry

Mother fuccking tears never stops from my eyes mother fuccker

No body comes to tell me any solution also

Every thing i have in my life

All luxury and every thing

Then also my mother fuccking life is fuccking me so hard

I really have failed to understand this life

I wanted to understamd this muther fuccking life but i cant even understand it

How long this will happen

How long i have to suffer

I just want to join any religios person

I want to get free from this mother fuccking life

I want to give my self to God

That God who is troubling me

Mother fuccking life mother fuccker mother fukking ass whole life ediot mutther fuccker

I dont want to live now

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Even i feel like that @textmr03

U relapsed after 18 days. I relapsed after 12 hours.


Bro can you tell me that what wrong we have done that God is troubling us like that

Why we are suffering from this addiction

Why God is doing it ??

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It’s our society which is built in such a way that sinning is unavoidable, starting from a mere lie to having addiction and desires like gambling, Porn etc.

There is ancient saying that evil used to live in only 5 places but he is now everywhere in the modern society.

In my opinion if anyone truly have to leave this addiction, a person who has a serious fapping addiction, he should consult someone.

And yeah change lifestyle, go to a mountain or something, and surrender to the priest or monk telling him everything.
But we can’t do this now, in our teen ages. Cuz we have exams, have responsibilities to fullfill, sometimes this all seems like trap, but we need to be patient.

And your questions are valid, what u did that u suffer so much, ask that when u reach god, but to reach him u must become pure.

So my advice for now is try Nofap, Become something good then have a therapy. U can regulate this addiction on your own but to leave it i guess we need something extra. Even i need some will power, sorry to demotivate…


Your reply is the first one in my life which satisfies me . Thank you so much to help me

Bro you said it all correct

We have so much resposiblities that we cant go to any monk or preast

But one day i will go bro

Its been enogh

I cant bear it any more

I am triying it from 1.8 years and it keeps troubling me

My heart only searches for that person who will lead me to God

I want any preast in my life

But this mother fuccking life dont give him to me

Bro what should i do ??

I think first of all i should go and take cold shower

I want to be relaxed

But i am worried that how long i will have to suffer from the addiction


You are trying to find excuse for ur life…
Relapsing doesn’t mean end of the world,or you are a failure in life

Get up, forget about p***,m+++++and all shitty stuffs, Get up and find the purpose of ur life


I am also going to take cold shower dude, Btw water heals the senses, if you bath properly. The head may still feel heavy, to remove that u can do exercise and meditation. It will help alot.


I have purpose bro

I have goals in my life

But i am so much frustated you know


I do meditation every day


That’s nice, i will also do it!


If you purpose and goals ,you wouldn’t be grilling on yourself


Bro can i get relief from all these problems one day ??

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Money solves 99% of the problems, that’s a fact.

U can live without money and be a saint and go on mountains, but u have a family to take care. When money will come, u can just go and take a 2 month break to rewire your brain in the guidance of someone good, a True accountability person. That’s my perspective


How i will achive money

I want to crack a huge exam but you know i cant crack any huge exam without semen retention

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You can do good in exam even when doing nofap, even i gave my exams when i had a breakup and was having no willpower towards fapping.

Don’t make pmo obstacles for other things in life.

Relapse sure leads to downfall of productivity for a short period of time, like some hours depending on how to take measures after a relapse like cold shower, meditation, staying away from phone etc.

But you can get back again with more energy towards your study and complete it on time, just love your studies while doing it. Study is like preaching, if you focus on it, u won’t have urges and even if you will have you will restraint them until you have completed your study.

Btw which exam


I want to crack upsc

You know upsc ??

Are you from india ??


I know UPSC dude, how much syllabus have you covered!!!


Trying to read ncert

And cover the hindu newspaper

But on the other hand i have relapsed like a mother fuccking looser

I have heard from elon musk that NEVER GIVE UP

but i dont know what to do now

I am just frustated