I don't want a girlfriend. Do you?

No, i don’t want a boyfriend too.
The true is I’m 25 yo and i never had a girlfriend and I will love to have one. But not now while pmo is stalking me all the time.

I just wanna be porn free before having a girlfriend and love her because what she is ni just because her pussy.


@gabriellesta92 your whole quality of life needs to improve before the girlfriend comes along. You don’t want to confess to a woman your problem with PMO. This community (Rewire) is here so we can support each other in our goals. Stay strong in saying no to PMO every day and you’ll get your girlfriend. I know you can do it.


You have the right mindset first you must be balanced in order to have what you need, for the moment work on your self a relationship needs two balanced individuals for it to be a good one, I had girlfriend before she was balanced and I was not I even knew back then I was not balanced then, relationship did not work soo I am working on myself first getting to know myself and being healthy financially, and mentally and physically

Never be in a relationship before you don’t eradicate this pmo addiction.
I had a relationship of 2 years.But during this January-February I was in too much stress and didn’t used to talk enough or properly with her.
Only thing for which I used to talk was sex chats.
When I realized it I told her that she was feeding my pmo
And I had to get rid of it before I confront her because it will be sex sex and sex if we get together in future.
Sorry for bad English
Get pmo addiction free then get a girlfriend.


I don’t want a girlfriend… not anymore anyways. I don’t wish to date, and I’ve never wanted to get married or be a father.

It’s not something that interests me. Sure, I’m a guy; I do look twice is a pretty girl walks by, but once I’ve fully rewired myself after some time, even that habit is going to fall by the wayside, and then women won’t mean anything to me anymore.

But hey, to each his own.

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@anon31780630 maybe it’s a season in life? I’m all for being single during Rewire but I think every one of us deserves a companion, even if it’s temporary.


Sorry pal, we’ll have to agree to disagree. You’re right, being in a relationship during rewire probably isn’t the smartest move.

But I don’t want a relationship. It’s not for everyone, and some people will have to learn to do without like me.

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