I don't know what's wrong with me?

I am feeling worthless, very emotional (if somebody judge me) angry,forgetfulness, don’t have anything to talk, not understanding, confused etc
My last streak is 35,15


I also don’t know, but I can assure that I’m feeling like this since a few days ago, so it might not be very uncommon. What’s bothering me the most is that even things that used to be good for me I’m not enjoying these days. However it’s just a bad time, surely it must go away, at least I hope so…

If I ever feel emotional I remind myself of who God says I am. I get excited at what God has done for me and how I can be a blessing to others because of how he turned my life around and gave me awesome opportunities. All I did was ask. This is why I quit this junk because it is holding me back from achieving greater things in relationships.

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