I dont know what ro do in life

Like i said in the title i dont know what to do in life xD. I dont know what i want my job to be, anyone in a similar position

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I meant what job should i have , where am i going to work

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what are you currently studying?

I am in a maritime faculty but i am not a to big of it …atleast not working in a dock and scheduling sships arrivals etc and sending the goods…boring

What are you doing
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If you don’t like it,can you leave it.Maybe take a 3 month break to think about what you really want to do with your life

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Better think while on a job. Don’t leave it, it’s a precious thing u have something to do.


I mean i am not doing it yet maybe not even in 2 years but thats my college

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Do what you love most.

i would eco with @Purity11 First we have to show respect where we are today. if you don’t like it always you can look for something which might get you in a better shape.

It must be " how do i know or how do i find a better opportunity in xyz field " instead i don’t know. you got to find that. no one really knows when they are in struggling phase.

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