I don't know what is this

I don’t know why is this happening to me
I maintained a streak of 106 days before this and before 106 my streak was of 120 days
I started again
Currently I am at 3rd day and I m having cravings in my mind to watch porn and kf relapse
It was not that hard for me before
But now it’s getting over my hand and mind
Pls someone tell me how to get rid of this because my exams are coming and I m not able to focus on study because of this
Pls help


Dude I’m in the same boat, I relapsed on around day 105 ( due to alot of peaks). Earlier it was day 120+, before that 50s, my highest was 420+,but this time I need to get serious. As we are on the same phase it is better to work together. Are you on telegram?