I dont know what im doing

Guys i feel terrible, i really dont know what to do anymore, i have been attracted to a girl that has been friend of mine since several months, like 8 months, but we have developed a very strong friendship like if we have known each other for our entire lives, but today i finally confessed her my feelings and well, she friendzoned me, it was not a harsh rejection, in fact, it was good and emotional, but i feel terrible, i feel like i have destroyed everything we have developed so far and that made me think about a lot of things, things like my porn addiction, it completely destroyed my life, i wasted so many years of my youth because of this monster, i dont know what to do, i need help please

Help with what? People get friendzoned, it’s normal. When one door closes another one opens, don’t let one fall keep you down. Get back up and keep fighting.