I don't know my problem

I am 27 year old boy but feel like i am just stepping on teenage hood. I don’t know why i feel any sexual desire. But having relation with bad boys caused me much damage without even knowing it. I just don’t understand myself why i am this weak that i have no physical need. Is it even normal for me? Sometimes i get excited, rub genital against bed and able to stop the orgasm somehow. This is the top physical reaction of me. I think teenagers have more desire than me. And yes i am 20 kgs overweight.


Please censor some words to make this forum and post safe for all. :blush:

I am not sure what you exactly mean, Do you mean that you have less sexual desires than teenagers? If yes, how is it affecting your life?

If you are on this forum, higher chances is that you watch ■■■■. Tbh, ■■■■ addiction has weird and different symptoms for different people. It either makes people addicted to sex or some people just loose interest in almost every activity whether it’s sex or anything else like eating tasty food, playing sports. The reason is that watching ■■■■ disbalnces our dopamine system which is responsible for motivation, pursuit and desires.


Dont consider this equivalent to medical advise.

Its possible you have low testosterone. You may have unhealthy life practises like eating junk food, sleeping badly, being overweight, PMO and so on.

Testosterone levels would have decreased.
This would result in less sex drive, aggresssion and masculine characteristics like ability to convert fat to muscle, deep voice, etc.

The best course is to change your lifestyle habits and regain your masculinity. Go to the gym. Sleep well and on time. Eat healthy. Of course, diligent nofap. Embrac your manliness.

You may also consider testosterone supplements after talking to a medical practitioner.


I don’t know if my addiction is that strong. I never faed to pn. I just have dry orgasms and able to stop cu**ing. This is what i mean by relapsing. But at this age i see people get married off while me having no desire for intercourse.

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I am somewhat depressed and alone from young age which got me into watching adult stuff from teenage hood

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Can we talk about our age. How old are you? As i don’t know how should a 27 year old feel like?

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I am 18 brother. I think there are better people on the forum who can give you better advice.

But let me tell you something, You don’t need to know how any 27 year old feels like. You are 27, what do you feel? Don’t consider yourself abnormal by just seeing people’s life from social media. There is nowhere written that by the age of 27, a man should be perfect.

Before I found nofap, I used to fap up to 7 times a day every day and I had low to almost null sexual desire. Overmasturbating does that.

What probably happened, is that you trained your nervous system to feel the joy of sex by rubbing your genitals to a bed, thus your desire to have proper sex was overridden, thus your sex drive towards women is low.

I have done something similar, when I was younger. Abstaining from rubbing your weewee for a certain time will reprogram your nervous system back to normal. How long would it take? I don’t know. You will know when this happens.

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