I don't believe on days it's a journey to where I can have full control over my body,

I relapsed yesterday ,
Yes after 14 days ( breaking my HIGHEST streak of 8 days)

I also challenged myself of doing amap squats previously I was at 200 with no rest
After relapse
I am at 100😕 with back pain

Lesson: PEEKING IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY ( no not fantasy it’s PEEKING )

That’s all for 1st day


At least you broke your previous record. Now you know that next time you can go higher and break your 14 day record. Remember, keep your head up, get back on your feet and try again tomorrow.

Stay Clean, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:


Day 2 starts :sunrise:

Sleeping duration is on its peak 8-9hr, and I am aiming for 6-7

I am trying to meditate, but I can’t :expressionless:

Squats are at there previous level :100:

That’s it for today …

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That’s a start. Remember, getting 6-7 hours of sleep will come with time. Look at the bright side, at least you got 8-9 hours of peaceful sleep. Plus, your body is healing. There’s people out there losing sleep and they’re stressed out.

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