I don’t know whom to talk

I feel emptiness inside. I don’t know how I can share to someone…


I feel the same, wanna talk?

Yeah :sob:

Hey, we are in this together! I’m here to listen to u if u need!

I don’t know how to pm

Press on their icon, and then select “message” :slight_smile:

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Hey dude, we all feel this way. We want to get off it but addiction is something that is extremely hard to get out of on your own. With physical substances like drugs and alcohol it’s hard to hide from others and you’re forced to come out with your problems. Not so with masturbation. It’s very easy to conceal and even if someone were to find off, they play it off as “oh, don’t worry, it’s healthy”. It’s not though, and everybody here knows it. Talk to us, nobody here can judge you because we’re all in the same shit pool and we all want out.


Anyone here for now?

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Hi bro How are you??
I am here…

We’re always here, just give a shout when you need it :+1::kissing_heart:

I have been there for so long as well. Pmo just makes me numb to everything and sucks the joy out of my life.
You are not alone in feeling this way. And you have a great community here to encourage and help you.
Im here for you if your looking for a friend to strengthen and be strengthened by then add me.
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