I don’t feel it’s possible

Hello. You can read my previous topic, to understand me better. Well now, I don’t feel it’s possible to quit this. Whatever I do, read or think about, or maybe don’t, I relapse. Like when it’s time to do that, no matter what happens around. Whatever I did, fasting, cold showers, exercise, running. The result was relapse. I still hate everything and everyone.

well, at least for me when determination fails I like to feed into other feelings. maybe what you need sometimes is happiness that you have another chance; or maybe it’s to be utterly disgusted at what youre doing. Try to feed into it, whatever gets you through is the mindset you need.

also you’re probably a cool cat, I’d like to follow you.
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God’s love is real @Levonad. Rest in the blessing that freedom from ANYTHING trying to chain you is possible. Let Jesus do the work. Grace my friend. :relieved:

Whatever you think you can or can’t do, you’re right.