I did it 😭 help me Please!

Guys I relapsed again 6 times :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I honestly want to talk to a person who’s current streak is more than 1000 or more than 200 days etc.

Please guys please .

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@titanium8 first you have to know the pattern of ur Relapses… N then know what can be done to break that pattern…

So self check your pattern, schedule n lifestyle once…
N then say ur observations.

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Bro I want to tell you what is happening with me and why

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I am relapsing because I am alone bro and I have not involved
In a full day bussy schedule.
Like going out and doing somthing . I am sitting at my home full day .
I want to tell you bro that my leg is painig badly as I am doing leg workouts since 2 days .
And I don’t know why why why why why why why I am still relapsing .

Hey im relapsing too. Used to be able to go 3 months and stuff. Now I barely get passed a week. It easier when you have someone to talk to and keep you busy. Maybe link up so we can help each other

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Bro so will you give me your g mail ID or somthing with what you are comfortable??

What social media apps do you use. I use WhatsApp a lot. Maybe we can talk there.

Yes ok give your wattsapp

We can be partners. I relapse a lot too. We can chat.

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Yes of course bro give your wattsapp or something you are comfortable with , we will get together and beat this addiction badly.

@vlb37 is my telegram

OK am massaging you . Reply me back!!!

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You’ll need my number. I’m trusting you. +233204919780

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@davidquay kindly don’t share your personal details in public…
You can dm them… in need.
Because anyone here might misuse it.(just warn you this might can happen)
So, it’s better to delete it asap


I am agree with you bro .

Bro can you tell me what are the ways that any one can missuse my ID and no ?? Bro I am asking it seriously.

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Just staying alone doesn’t lead to relapse. I can say it because I stay alone too, in my room all day with internet access. Self-consciousness is the key. You need to mark the time when you are likely to relapse the most, identify the cause and fix the schedule. For e.g. I used to browse phone before sleep, right after waking up, etc. These are the times when we are not fully conscious or awake and honestly I’ve fallen into relapse at these times a lot in the past. Now, I’ve built a habit to not use the phone, laptop at those times. Learn from all the relapses. Also, do not focus on the streak stuff, focus on the progress of every single day instead.

You need to stay away from triggers, urges, negative thoughts, or any other habits that may lead to relapse. It may not be possible to fully eliminate these stuff 'cause the bad stuff is not going anywhere. It’s always there. You cannot just run away from it. But you can calm your mind whenever you get triggered, and learn to divert from it. Don’t feed the urge! Let it die of hunger! There are lot of ways to divert. Ones I personally like are: just keep the phone away when urges hit(Disconnect from Internet if possible), meditate, do not touch your banana, have a nap or just be around someone. I also listen to podcasts(e.g. The Porn Reboot Podcast). These may seem hard at first but trust me, it’s not. Hope this makes sense…


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