I did it again feeling sad

It all happened last night i wached a movie not P, but after watching it my urg started but i still tried to sleep for 2 hours but didn’t get any sleep then in last i flap

It happens, but what matters is that we are on this journey. Please be kind to yourself, as you would with another person who struggles but wants to do well :pray:


Try to sleep early or on time, always remember that at night our body’s inhibition gets lower, and it continues to get lower until we are asleep. Hence an addict is very vulnerable at night.


It helps when you forgive yourself. It happens to edge (mentality) by looking at sensual photos and urges hit you. You relapse, get sad, get mad and wish you would never, ever have discovered porn, but that’s how life is in this liberated world. Porn is everywhere whether its a model in bikini or a photoshoped picture of a pornstar. And no matter how many times you try to avoid PMO, how much you try to get rid of this addiction out of your system, that is what that matters. Forgive yourself and acknowledge your mistake. Remember how the urges started and what you can do to avoid porn in the long-term. Challenges you mind with your soul and show the brain who is in control. Everyone on this forum suffers from the same addiction as you. You are not alone.