I did it again ,can't help it

I just relapsed . Just 3 days . I have an exam in 2 days , but still i can’t help it . I haven’t read until now and i don’t think I can pass the exam . I am too much angry on myself . Too much frustration and anxiety . I can’t tell how i feel , so i am just confessing here . Can anyone have any suggestion for how to stop these these horrible things ?


Being mad at yourself for the relapse is the worst thing you could do. It happened, that’s shit but wailing over it won’t help you.
Look into the future rather than the past. How did it happen and what can you learn from that? What helps you staying away from triggering content and thoughts?

And focus on your test! Blaming your relapse for not learning is a really stupid excuse. I have a feeling you are afraid you might fail the test and the relapse is just the perfect scapegoat.
Well, it’s not. I graduated while still heavily addicted to porn and fapping everyday and thousands others did as well. PMO has very bad effects but it does not paralyze you completly.

So get yourself together and work on your future. And no excuses


After a relapse, we are usually in a vulnerable state. The bad feelings we had prior to the relapse are intensified by the relapse. A PMO session is like trying to relief thrist by drinking salty water. So it all just gets worse.

It’s hard to give any advice here because it all depends on your level of NoFap experience, what you have tried already, what loopholes you have fixed etc. etc. so instead of writting a long essay… you will have to take the short answer: stop kidding yourself and stop doing PMO.

Take care.


Really, sometimes being anxious makes you feel that you just need to watch porn and the anxiety goes. But tell yourself you aren’t falling for that. If you’re still panicking, go to a restaurant or a library or an open place that’s quiet that you can read and don’t stay at home alone, could help the next time.

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