I consider this addiction untreatable

I’ve been struggling very long.
I just stopped believing that this is treatable. I’m fed up with everything. I don’t know where is the exit.
I don’t know if there’s anybody in here that can relate or if it could change anything. I’m here to say:
God, if you read this somehow and understand, I’m begging you to get me out of here :sob:


Let me spare you some time, that’s bull crap! This addiction is treatable! Just read some success stories on this app to prove it!! Let me make suggestions that will help you.
Read easypeasy method book over at easypeasymethod.org
If you believe in GOD and serve him try out the bible app and do some plans on porn and how to handle being single or how you should date. They will make you understand more how to be independant and reliant on GOD rather than trying to make a girl an idle. I’m assuming you’re a guy but let me know if I’m wrong!
If you are okay with youtube then I suggest watching “How porn is destroying you and our country” Warning: the thumbnail for the video is a little stimulating!
I would also suggest watching “There’s no condom for your heart” or “The compromise of pornography” again if you are a believer in GOD’s teachings because these are both sermons but they are really really good! Also keep in mind these are all longer videos so feel free to take breaks inbetween watching them!
Always feel free to come here and post in multiple places when you feel urges and please be patient and don’t touch yourself before you get a response from someone. But I would recommend you turn off your phone immediately when you get an urge, but if it’s easy to control then come here and let someone know!
Try to go outside, work out, cold showers, meditation, prayer, do it all if it helps!! Try calling friends and take your mind off of PMO. Always remember this. PMO is like telling someone to picture a pink elephant, and then telling them to stop picturing the pink elephant. It’s literally impossible!! So you have to replace the pink elephant with a different thought!!

I have 7 points about urges that I’d like you to read
1.) Urges are lies
2.) Given time and patience you’ll understand why the urges are lies
3.) Leave the urge be
4.) Feed the right wolf (light or dark)
5.) You are in control/ willpower is so much stronger than this
6.) Remember why you started, like really think about it hard
7.) You know what your issues are, so you have tactics to overcome them… Actually follow through with them or you will fail… This is not an easy battle so you have got to put all the time and effort into it!!

Relapsing cannot be an option!! NEVER EVER!! You need to do something to avoid urges every single time you get one so it becomes habit!! The more you do it the easier it becomes to defeat urges as long as you don’t relapse!!

And I didn’t mention this earlier but I feel this should be clear. Delete social media! Youtube is debatable. If you keep youtube limit your usage and don’t binge videos! This is a big step for some people but it’s very crucial to your success!! Sorry this is a lot but I hope some of this helps!

The most important thing is your mindset, as long as you can’t then you can’t. When you think yiu can then you grow!! The door is always there but it’s ultimately up to you on whether you open it or not!!


A bull crap?
I want to talk to people who succeed. I want to know what they feel and why they think it’s possible for everybody.

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That’s not whay I meant!! I meant that saying addiction is untreatable is bull crap!

I understand that. Still I don’t believe it’s treatable. Not for me.

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And you read the whole thing?

Sure I read everything

Well if you have thought it’s not treatable for you , then congrats you have lost successfully to your mind… If it was that easy everyone would have done it.


I can relate to this, as not only me but most people did have this kind of thinking at some point due to relapsing over and over. But now, I feel this addiction is indeed treatable provided that you endure with the right frame of mind.

An example I can give you is of @HealingSpade (from League of Gentlemen) who has crossed 200 days and has stated that his life has finally returned to normality and the end to this war is totally worth it.

Don’t lose hope and believe in yourself. You can do it. Everyone has been given a different brain, body, lifestyle, culture etc. and everyone has to carve their own path ahead.


I’m doing much much better today at the 3d day. Thanks everybody for replies.


I understand this 100 percent. Been struggling like crazy and it feels impossible sometimes. Just don’t quit. Eventually u find the motivation to get a streak going. This is not a linear journey. You are gonna fall, sometimes really hard, but you will also have spikes. One day you’ll hit ygat spike that will send u so high that you wont be able to come back down lol and that spike will be complete bliss. A full recovery. It starts now bro. Dust yourself off and start moving again


See, at the beginning you shouldnt see your streak…
Probably get into a challenge in this app,the jnital few days are hard…
In 10 days if you have relapsed once ,think that have 90 %of benefits…doing it 3 or 4 times a month from an everyday habit is definetly an improvement…
You must step up from that to not doing it at all…


maybe because u think too much, if u r heavy addict try to set time like 2 week then 1 month then 3 month. i know people will say " u cant set time" “if we quit we should quit forever”

listen u know urself better than anyone, just take it slowly there is no need to rush at some point lol.

if u talk about success i dont even know about that because i relapase at 100+ 200+ 300+ but i just dont give up until i completely done with this shit

the real success for me is not about streak but the clear mind that i have right now that i no longer need to think about PMO stuff until i meet someone that i truly love so yeah :slight_smile:


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