I challenge you

Hey I am totally new to this, started on the 1st Jan as a new years resolution. I just had to do something about this addiction.

I am just recently married and this addiction was already ruining my marriage.

so far it’s going well, but already I am beginning to struggle and tempted to relapse

Looking for support and happy to provide support.

Need somebody to challenge me, we can do this together. Push each other the whole way to meet out goals!

my code thingy is: oaem0nharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 5 days
Highest streak - 0 days *
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - Australia

Why I want a companion - need somebody to challenge me and help me push my goals


I challenge you and myself. Here’s my sharing code - cub9qm.


I am in. Current streak 4 day. Last time i did fap around 800am on january 1, 2019.

Code u4cujp
I am thai from bangkok.


Thanks guys! Challenge accepted


Yeah, let see how far we go.

I now how this addiction makes the marriage ruin… I’m 31yo married for the last 10 years and now I want to count days here without PMO.
I’m on 157 days off and walking…
Follow me: 5a1dc3


Your code isn’t working.

My code is u4cujp
Now is day 7. ( I did fap around 800am on January 1, 2019.)

Challenge accepted… lets see who is up for challenge with me…see my streak n if you have courage then challenge me

Code: ij36fi

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