I can't stop thinking about sex

I haven’t seen porn and haven’t masturbated 13 days and 13 hours ago. I can’t stop thinking about sex with a hot girl I met at the gym 10-11 months ago when I’m laying in bed before sleep. The same happens when I wake up. Any advice?

Remember Porn and masturbatron is not SEX. its cheap and coward way to release the urge. You got this!!

Use that energy to find a girl or build a life that ladies will go chasing you

Since the time you are most prone to relapse is when you’re laying in bed before sleep, try to exhaust yourself so you don’t lie awake and get the opportunity to fantasize.
If you can exhaust yourself before you go lay down, great!
If not, try to develop a habit to read from a book (not your phone or laptop!) until you can’t keep your eyes open.

The important thing is to keep your mind occupied.

Best of luck!

Thanks I’ll try that method