I cant stop having urges

Today is marked as the 8th relapse in the whole month , probably the biggest count of relapse since i joined nofap ,
i cant stop having raging urges for doing it. This negative habit really bothers me in all aspects of my life , i am really ashamed in my situation right now . on this month everyone in the house is busy so im having a lot time alone. I desperately need advices to not falling to the same pitfall ever again


What day are you in?
I’m on day 6

I used to be 14 to 15 days
But now its lesser than 5 ,
Im on 2nd day then i relapsed

You might need to rest with electronics right now. No cell phone :iphone: or computer :desktop_computer:. If you masturbate and relapse with no porn your problem is biological. Edging won’t be enough.

Try to manage your thoughts, fantasizing might be triggering urges or making them worse. Don’t let the shame get to you if you binge.

Don’t give up either.


Thank you brother
I will rise from the fall and fight to the end