I can't quit PMO. Tell me about you experience how'd you quit PMO

Hello Guys,
Pardon my grammatical mistakes.
I’m 19 years old. Masterbating from 14 regularly and more than once a day Besides porn addiction.

I start no fab but 2 or 3 days later I relapse. I watched thousands of video on YouTube, read article from Quora reddit And Google. But nothing helped me.

Recently I discovered I’m having erectal disfunction. and premature ejaculation was from long ago.

I have done:

  1. Used Porn blocker - Failed
  2. No phone and internet - Failed
  3. Regularly Pray Salat
  4. Try to busy wth work - failed
  5. No Social Media - Failed.

Suggest me what should I do? It’s killing me from inside :sob:. My soul is already dead for 5years. Now it’s make me thing about I’m having a erectal disfunction. What bad can happens with a man after it?


I gotchu.
I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these posts on this forum for the past year that I’ve been on here. And they all have one thing in common: THEY’VE CLAIMED THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY TRY THEY CAN’T DO IT.

Let me tell you where everyone has gone wrong when posting these. They all undervalue the importance of drive. Because if we’re being honest; almost all of those tactics you mentioned will mean nothing if you don’t really want to quit. There’s a part of you that wants to quit, but you don’t always use it. Quitting PMO addiction isn’t just a test with specific answers. It differs from person to person. So let me tell you what to fix:

  • Don’t give up. Like seriously, don’t.
  • Define why you want to stop your addiction (it took me like a year to do that, but if you actually sit down and take the time to figure it out it won’t take that long)
  • Keep going even when you don’t want to, I feel like people think that when you gain motivation you’re always on fire and wanting to quit, but that’s not true. Keep going when you don’t want to.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time on electronics. I just got back from being grounded for around 40 days and I just feel gross being glued to the screen again, so spend some time doing things that are not on your phone or computer.

Here’s what I’m really trying to get at: Without the right mindset you will always fail, no matter how many restrictions you put up. But if you have the right mindset you shouldn’t even need restrictions.

I believe in you. Just look deep inside. Why do you want to quit? Don’t give up. Keep yourself busy and stay productive. Boredom is a killer. That’s about it man. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


Brother, I totally can feel you.
I hv went clean for more than 200 days before, but i fell into the trap again, kept relapsing for months, yet still struggling now.
My experience is to find something meaningful to do, even small things. I was able to maintain long streak because tht time i wanna focus on the exams before graduation, so that i can hv more options in further education. Plus, I start to develop strong belief in religious, I pray for success in no fap. With determination, i manage to live like normal people instead of obssessed with porn.
After graduated, I found a job to do. Long period of heavy workload made me feel extremely stressful, I let my guard down and masturbated again and again. I turn on safe search and locked it, downloaded apps like habit tracker and porn filter apps, screening time limit apps and many more, wish to control my daily routine from many perspectives. im still working on this right now.i strongly believe tht i can do better than last time if I go with the suitable way.
Go find friends to talk. The real happiness will help you get rid of pornography. Here is a really good platform for you. You can form a Whatsapp group with cyberfriend (just a suggestion), reminding and motivating each other on no fap journey.
The most important thing is dont give up, keep going. At least you know you should quite porn.
Good luck to you!

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MSA, I felt like you, I didn’t have dysfunction darling or premature ejaculation, but it’s only a matter of time before these problems haunt us, what I tell you is

  1. Porn blocker used - failed
    (block pornography must be programmed by a third party, because if you are going to design a password, delete, unlock and use pornography)
  2. No phone and internet - Failure
    (the internet and the telephone are tools that when used correctly can bring us many accurate and easy methods of life, for example the telephone and the Internet throughout the day)
  3. No social media - failed.
    (social media is a dangerous thing, you should exclude erotic models and applications, because I remember that tinder and instagram that brought me down the most on a daily basis, be careful because the network can cause countless problems)

My tip for you is to persist as long as you can, because the initial journey is a little more complicated, and try to channel that energy into other sources of dopamine at the beginning, (watch a movie, play online, read a book), and if you fall for porn don’t be shaken, the best thing to do is lift your head and try again, try to feel the benefits and always think for the long term

Im 20 been doing it since 10/11. I wasnt addicted but it came to me using blockers, qutting phone and internet. Im 165 days free and dont see myself EVER going back. I failed so many times like SO MANY. I thought I was gonna deal with this forever. But I fasted and prayed and I continously do this. Lust is terrible and its hard to overcome. Yoy may not believe in god which im not forcing you too, just showing ny experience. You HAVE to keep trying b/c giving up with NOT help you. Keep going, even when you fail.


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