I cant forgive and forget these malignant people

My case is related to this PMO. and people are looking down on you with the eyes that we all know. Yeah everybody around me know I fap. But I didnt care that time. But then these people around me changed with new ones and they are juniors with born by the angel attitude… like Im dirty. I didn’t make anything against them. Just isolate myself. And they’re the ones that got uneasy. Then simple misunderstanding occurred and it all went spirally downwards. I cant live in that environment no more. But I would really like to nuke the house before I move out. Any thoughts? Revenge is really far to reach. If I move out it will look so bad to me. And I will never forget what they did to me.

This is some of the big challenges for me to make a change. And complete NoFap. I am thinking to get a new life with new people because now its getting toxic… I cant develop myself in this animosity. But I cant accept that I am moving out cause that makes me look like a loser.

Bahut khub bhaisaab…

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Nice story. If only it happens to anyone I don’t think it’s that easy.

Besides my matter is different. I lived with other people before these ones. They didn’t do what these ones did. Those were buddies. But then situation changed. Not me though. They left as they have finished their studies. New people come in. These are malignant. Me being a quiet introvert awkward addict is not taken lightly. They used all these to their advantages. I cant retaliate cause I cant use my mind. Its more about existential crisis that I took seriously in ocd way. So I was left with anger but didnt respond. It went on until I managed to get a hold on my intellect. Then I started talking and made my moves. But it was late. Other aspects of my life has gone quite bad.

Yes any place has these kinds of people. But doesnt mean Good people doesnt exist. You dont stay when it is toxic. You cant develop. I dont say I didnt make mistakes. But all I did was locking myself in the room and they are not comfortable with that. I am caving in. And I dont make good talk with them. So Im just living my life. Paying rent. Dont bother anyone. Is there a problem? Them, knowing what I did in the room banged the door and made all troubles for me. Is isolating myself hurt anyone of them???

That bad people in any place is true. But everything falls in the end to reasons that give rise to that. Sone socioeconomic. Sone education. Some religious. I am living in religious community. That they take it as they have never sinned with all the clean robes.

To quote that story as if knowing the real situation is easy because its comfortable to judge people youre talking to. And thats what these housemates are doing. Why don’t they talj with me. Ask the problems. Approach like I am a human thats exactly just like them! There are many kind ways to do for a start but they made it as it is the crisis of the century that says more about themselves than the problem they’re superficially showing to solve


IMHO this might be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face: