I can't eat. Help

Like the title says. I dont feel like eating. I can go like eating once a day. To eat more I have to force myself. After eating I feel so full and lazy…
Also no food entice me… like bored eating that. Problem is every food I feel like that. Dont have the urge to eat… but then Ill be hungry and cant walk. Is Nofap temper with my food receptors?

Eating one meal a day can be good for your health (I do this as well but for sports performance a.k.a. keto diet). However, if your lack of appetite is caused by feeling a bit under the weather, it might be good to go outside and take some sun everyday, do light exercises and sleep early when possible, and limit blue light from screens. Usually this may help reboot your appetite. Sometimes the problem might also be emotional, so dont hesistate to consult if the need is there! But to answer your question, seminal retention can make you go longer without food.

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Sounds like depression. Could be due to withdrawal.

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Sounds like you’re a bit down indeed. I don’t think this in particular has much to do with withdrawl directly though.

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I dont really know. I mean if I fap, this feeling will go away or numbed as we all know. Maybe its just stress and NoFap is giving better clarity to see the real size of the stressful situation that affects my mood subconsciously.

But right now I am feeling positive. Though still eating less if I dont do much outdoor works. Im not bothered much for the moment. Im enjoying the changes from NoFap each day. Thanks for the comment.


Bro, @shern I can understand that you are doing keto diet for sports performance but, most of the nutritionist recommend against it. It is beneficial for achieving short term fast goals, but should not be implemented as a life style ( sorry I digressed from the topic, but I needed to tell you this coz one of my friend became very ill due to following keto for long)

Much appreciated for the reply, and i guess that one size does not fit all :thinking: and in this situation I can only talk for myself and no one else. All I know is that I’ve been fit and healthy since coming across this way of eating since 2014 (no supplementation and haven’t fallen sick since -knock on wood). I did my homework and worked with a nutritionist to get the foundations right and took a leap of faith :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok bro, if it suits you, then its ok. Best of luck :+1: