I can't deal with this anymore

Guys I can’t deal with that sexual frustration… I can’t do nothing… All those sexual fantasies, all this energy… I really hope this is worth it…I know fantasies are no good, but are better than pmoing… And I’m waiting for a flatline or something… Problem I had a surgery and I can’t exercise for 2 months… I can’t even get out of the house… The only thing I left with is my phone… Porn is easy… I can deal with it but that sexual tension is breaking me… Is it worth it? Is my mind nevertheless healing even with fantasies going crazy… I can’t give up… Is this a sign of healing?

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Hey it’s just a sign of healing, just observe mindfully if you can, it will pass. Everything sensation in our body is not permanent, everything is just raising and passing away. It may be for 5mins,10mins,1hr but it will pass eventually. After some time of mindfulness start reading a book which inducing your thinking,creativity more or any book of your choice. Play chess or any brain games. Go outside for walk, talk to strangers. Its worth it bro. By time you see those sensations are reducing gradually it fades away completely one day. If you are not good at mindfulness, then other steps alone also work much much better. You can do from breathing exercises or hold the breath for 30mins and repeat until urge passes away. You are becoming the man that you wished so long, dont give up for this simple pleasure which is worth for nothing. Once your mind rewired, you dont notice this withdrawal symptoms.


Just be patient brother. God loves those who are patient and enduring
I also had this fantasizing problem.
By God’s grace I am free of that tension or strong attraction which made me coming back to it, even when I opposed that.
The worst thing is that, I somehow got to know a new variety of p which is somuch supranormal that it releases a ton of dopamine and after a while leaves me with a severe withdrawal symptom*
I asked help from the Almighty

One day I thought about what is that i am gaining from this fantasizing?

Your gain = Pleasure yeah absolutely (even excess pleasure)
Your loss = self development, risk of getting involved into pmo…

but if I can

sacrifice this supranormal stimulus for the Fear of God, for your self development, then

Your loss = that pleasure (+ cravings)
But your gain = a mind FREEE OF CRAVINGS ,more competent human being, more sincere to the Creator, you are entering the top 0.5% of humans.


Yes it is all worth it… No doubt about it…

I will suggest to find some good ways to manage your time and focus all that energy…

May be some online job/blogging/learn a new course/start a hobby like painting, reading / learn a keyboard or a guitar etc…


Thank you guys really… Fantasies are my worst enemies… I can’t fight them, especially at my current phase… I’ll just embrace them… After this month I’ll be able to control them properly… I just don’t want to hinder my reboot process due to the dopamine releasing from sexual thoughts… But it’s better than pmoing…

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Yeah through your phone away, and try something offline.


P*** flashbacks and fantasies will appear bro. But usually their attacks will subside as you go forward in this journey.
Usually people say to observe your thoughts, take deep breaths etc to change your mind. But what I do is I’ll think about what Iam really passionate about. Iam a writer- I think about all the great writers, their interviews, me succeeding as a writer.
Basically the idea is bring the things that are more valuable to you than pmo into your mind. It maybe a person- father, mother, sister, gf or future wife.
Or the most important values of your life- for me its empathy for others and integrity. Or your passion in life.
Bringing these things into mind usually takes away p*** fantasies from my mind. Maybe you can try these too.