I can't believe it

It’s been since 8 days since i fap. I can’t believe it. I felt more alive. I felt focused now. This community has been my favorite for months. Now i’m must reach 2 weeks. I’m gonna update if i survive 2 weeks. Wish me luck guys!


All the best brother you can do it!!


Way to go Brother :beers:
Good luck :+1:

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I don’t know everyone is blatantly lying about the fact that they had a good mood, that they became more productive and stopped being depressed, but after 15 days I had nothing like this

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All the best @JohnDoe3217 . Come up with flying colours, friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Brother every one has Different Journey.
All you can do is Trust the Process.

There are Ups and Down.
One Day you feel Energetic / Fully Focused.

Next Day you are Drowned.

All this Happens Because ur Body and Mind is going through a process.

Keep on following
I am sure you will reach the Success
Good Luck :+1:


Ok thanks :slightly_frowning_face: I’m going to test the Illuminati theory and worship God

And to check what safe way I am advised, for example, do not touch my pencil and do not use damn thread for this

Don’t trust anyone who says no fap does this or that. Don’t have any expectations with practicing nofap. No fap is not meant to uplift your life , its a way of life. Remember that even if you gain nothing with nofap, you are atleast not losing anything either. And well, in any case, you’re saving yourself some valuable time. So, don’t associate it with any benefits, just do it because you want to get rid of an unrealistic and destructive obsession that you have developed. Remember how your life was like before you fell in PMO trap. Its unrealistic to go back to that state tbh, but by practicing nofap you’ll get close to living that life again, as there’ll be no PMO to ruin it.


Thank’s man you’re right


You are for it man # :muscle::muscle:

Stay believe about this journey , yourself , you will do the best because something inside you believe and hope , yees yees but this is not the only recipes you have to keep in your mind , no , lot of try of knowing yourself and what you want to do …
I hope that you will be that busy man and to be this new vesion of you .
What ever happens you will do it :muscle:.