I broke up with my girlfriend online

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Yes! I broke up with girlfriend. She couldn’t understand fully my addiction when I talked to her about it. She even said she was ignorant when it came to porn addiction. I kept it hidden from her but I told her 5 days ago. I was making her understand the times when we didn’t talk. That those times we didn’t talk I was watching porn. And the times I lied to her i was busy. I was watching porn. And she was shocked. As a man I understand she will feel disappointed in me and be ignorant when it comes to that subject but I told her that i am dealing with it and I just need her to support me in this walk. Like be encouraging when I fall. But she never was. And I understand because maybe she doesn’t want to deal with that. Its too much to handle for her. So its best to be single for now. Until I can recover. Although not sure if its the right thing to do. What do you guys think? I also don’t want to regret.

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