I bet challenge (Game)

The bet challenge, the game where you bet your coins if someone will relapse in the next few days. Why would I bet someone will fall? wouldn’t that be an incentive for the person to relapse? I think the exact opposite, how many of us have done something just because someone said we can’t? the purpose of the game is for the person to feel challenged and motivated to get a good streak and I thought of a coin system to further stimulate of the game.

The game is in development and as I don’t know if anyone will join the game, I planned it for 15 days, in case the game goes well I keep planning more things and days

Sorry my bad english, is not my main language, if something is very wrong please let me know

1. Learn the game

The Rules

All participants start with 50 coins and 0 current streak, you acquire points for each successful PMO day, the higher your current streak the more points you will earn per day (described in coin system). With these coins you can bet if a player will relapse in the next few days (described in the bet system) and if he fails you get some of his coins, if he doesn’t fail you lose the betting chips.

You can only bet if you and the participant you bet have the enough number of coins. if you relapse you lose coins too (described in the relapse topic) and If you get a coin number below 0 (by relapsing) you lose the game and is out.

Participant Indicators

Every participant has the following indicators:

Current streak: the days you are without relapse, you star with 0 days in the game.

Max streak: the best current streak you achieve

Coins: you start with 50 coins and can win or lose then as described in (coin system) and (bet system) and loose some if you relapse (relapse topic)

Bet coins: the coins that are currently on a bet, you can’t use them until the bet is over.

Coins system:

You start with 50 coins in the game and win coins every day determined by your current streak:

  • Current streak x coins per day

1-3 days: you win 5 coins per day

3-5 days: you win 7 coins per day

5-7 days: you win 10 coins per day

7-10 days: you win 15 coins per day

10-15 days: you win 25 coins per day

  • Bonus coins:

Get current streak of 7 days: 30 coins
Get current streak of 15 days: 100 coins

Bet system

Bet 1 days: Bet 10 points one participant that he will relapse in the next day
Bet 3 days: Bet 50 points one participant that he will relapse in the next 3 days
Bet 5 days: Bet 60 points one participant that he will relapse in the next 5 days
Bet 7 days: Bet 100 points one participant that he will relapse in the next 7 days
Bet 15 days: Bet 200 points one participant that he will relapse in the next 15 days

You can bet anyone putting in the interaction board bellow bet topic: Bet someone
name of the person - bet day number - today date

Following this rules:

  • The 2 participants need to have the number of coins in the bet
  • When you bet, the chips are automatically reserved until the end of the bet and is not possible to use them.(indicator bet coins)
  • You don’t have max number of bets you can make, as long as you have coins you can make as many as you want
Relapse / Lose the game

If you relapse you lose 2 times your current streak in coins
Remember: if your coins drop below 0 you lose the game and is out. The only way this happen is if you are with low coins and relapse.
After you relapse if you can reply this topic saying you relapse and the day, will help, i will try to check if you relapse by your share code too.
The bet coins cannot be used to pay anything until the bet is over, so if you have 0 coins and 50 coins that are currently on stake and relapse, you lose and the player that you are in a bet in progress win the bet

How to participate

Put in the interaction board, bellow subscription: Subscribe to the game

  • Name - Your share code - age- country

I will choose a time every day for updating the score board

2. The game

  • 1º matt94 - :moneybag: 50:
    :brazil: - 26 - hb37ze
    Coins: 0
    Bet coins: 50
    Current Streak: 0
    Max Streak: 0
  • 1º EvilMorty- :moneybag: 50:
    :india: - 23 - uhjclh
    Coins: 0
    Bet coins: 50
    Current Streak: 0
    Max Streak: 0
Bets in progress

Interaction Board

Just write according to the example

  • Subscription ( Name - Your share code - age- country)
    1- EvilMorty - uhjclh - 23 - :india:

  • Bet ( name of the person - bet day number - today date)
    1- I @EvilMorty challenge @matt94 3 days bet 2020-07-16T03:00:00Z

  • Relapse(Name - date of relapse) (only if you relapse after entering the game)

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Trust level : regular is required for that.

The companions below it can tag Taher (admin) mentioning the post that they want to make publicly editable (known as :- wiki)

what part? can you describe what is confuse so i can improve

umm, so i cant do this… im gonna have to change to replying all the interactions

You can do it.
Just tag Taher in this thread itself
Example :- @matt94 in this way. (With @)

Create the scoreboard.

Put up a message tagging Taher that you want post number so and so(of the scoreboard obviously)to be made wiki.

As simple as that.
He will do it.

:-@Taher need help to create a game interaction board post where everyone can edit, bellow main post

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@matt94 Created an interaction board.

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So @matt94 i challenge you to do 7 days streak. Do you accept it?

You cant, you dont have enough coins for 7 days. Please subscribe in the post so i can put you in the game, and you cant refuse a bet

the game is working now

@matt94 we need to earn coins by staying in a streak and then use those coins to bet against a player, am I right?

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Yes, correct. You start with 50 coins, thats enough for 1 and 3 day bet

I just added my name on the board, please check and let me know whether it’s correct.

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Ok, just put you in the game. You can check your progress in the scoreboard, i will update daily the coins and you can now start to bet, have only me to bet hahaha

Shall I bet in myself?

Like I won’t do it for 3days like that?

Or should I have to bet on someone?

I never thought about the possibility of betting on myself, the problem is that you will win coins from yourself? doesnt make sense. Im gonna put you challenge me as a example

Okay got your point,

I’ll start this challenge by betting 3days on you @matt94

@matt94 don’t take this personal dude, I see that you relapsed, did I won this challenge?

My kind advice is try not to relapse if our ever feel the thought, please let me know we are here to support you.

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