I badly want to install tlgrm and join adult grp chat for again chat about fetish

its 8 days over and plus its saturday night. i am having uncontrollable swings


DO NOT EVEN INSTALL It on your phone.

If you want to use it for getting books, movies, series etc. the simple solution is asking someone else to help you. Access the Telegram app on your friends or relatives’ phone. I ask my mother or my brother to download series or movies for me. You are not going back to whatever Pmo bullshit or fetishes EVER again.


Good Idea to avoid giving any chances to pmo.:ok_hand:


I learned this very recently on the present relapse. Going good so far. My brain kept coming up with rationalisations to install telegram again and again, thinking stuff like : I need it for reading books, my accountability group is on telegram, i need it to reward myself with series and movies etc. All of this is a bunch of bullshit man, whatever reason we come up with to go anywhere near fapping, ELIMINATE them. NOTHING is worth sacrificing your redemption for.


I’ve been there myself, whenever I download pirated stuff from Pirated sites, I’ve falled or almost relapsed.
So what did I do to overcome, I stopped unnecessary pirating, stopping taking requests from friends who wants some books or other things. Lol, I kinda likes to pirate though however when it was interfering with my nofap performance I got rid of it.

So completely avoid things through which you’ve fapping. Because during your journey on nofap whenever you visit that app, or site, your mind subconsciously reminds you about the dirty thing, you might avoid it a few times but eventually visit it. So try to abandon it for atleast a few days let it 3, 7 or 30 days.

I’VE inboxes you regarding something, kindly check.

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